Candelaria Norma Silva writes stories, essays and blog posts inspired by her upbringing in the rich Southern soil of a large extended family in St. Louis, Missouri. She remembers learning to read after being plopped into first grade knowing only the alphabet and colors. 

Soon becoming an insatiable reader, young Candelaria checked out as many books as possible from the neighborhood library each week. She still loves to read, with a special focus on reading and collecting children’s books that portray children of color.

At an early age, writing chose Candelaria. That process provided a way to make sense of events in her family and neighborhood, as well as those inspired by the books she read. Her experiences as a mother and grandmother have given this author many stories to write!

Candelaria lives in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston, Massachusetts, with her husband. She looks forward to long summer “take-over” visits from her grandchildren. Stacey Became a Frog One Day is the first in a series of books featuring this character.